Monday, August 29, 2011

"Minds In Many Pieces" in Kindle Format

My first book, "Minds In Many Pieces", is now available for Kindle's e-book readers from So, if you own a Kindle E-Book Reader, you can download your very own copy of this story of how I first met multiples with Inner Self Helpers in Santa Cruz, California. This is the first part of the story.

The next book I am working on is "Michael, My Esence", which contains the lessons I learned from the spiritual teachers who borrowed the bodies of two of my MPD patients, one in Santa Cruz county and one in Yolo county.

After that is in e-book form, I hope to complete "Memories of an Essence", the true story of my most complicated MPD patient, the one in Yolo county. There are the complete stories of what she put me through and who came out to enlighten me. There the lessons from the spiritual teachers I met are laid out in all the detail I could get.

Now, if you are a Kindle owner, download "Minds In Many Pieces" by Ralph Allison & Ted Schwarz.
Ralph Allison MD

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Anonymous said...

I see a lot in your book.. minds.. it does give me hope that there is a way out of this maze of confusion.