Monday, February 20, 2012

Memories of an Essence Is In Ebook Format

"Memories of an Essence: How Humans and Spiritual Beings Put 70 Personalities Back Together Again" is now available on in ebook format, for Kindle ereaders, the iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, PC, Mac, and Blackberry and Android smartphones.

This is the true life story of the woman with the most complicated case of MPD/DID I ever saw and treated. Treatment started at age 28, lasted formally for 3.5 years, and I followed her until her death at age 60. She helped me write her story, and her Essence, named Becky, was my most important informant. Therefore the title is "Memories of an Essence."

Becky also introduced me to her supervisors, angels named Faith, Hope & Charity. They asked that I call the Celestial Intelligent Energy or CIE, They provided their job descriptions in the last chapter of the book. The book can be reached at

In 2011, I published an ebook version on of "Michael, My Essence: The Origin, Nature, Talents, and Supervisors of One Human's Soul". This tells the lessons I learned from the CIE, who borrowed the bodies of two MPD patients of mine talk to me about what they did here and in Thoughtspace, my name for their universe. When you have finished reading "Minds In Many Pieces", and "Memories of an Essence" read "Michael, My Essence". That will complete your education in this area.

Monday, August 29, 2011

"Minds In Many Pieces" in Kindle Format

My first book, "Minds In Many Pieces", is now available for Kindle's e-book readers from So, if you own a Kindle E-Book Reader, you can download your very own copy of this story of how I first met multiples with Inner Self Helpers in Santa Cruz, California. This is the first part of the story.

The next book I am working on is "Michael, My Esence", which contains the lessons I learned from the spiritual teachers who borrowed the bodies of two of my MPD patients, one in Santa Cruz county and one in Yolo county.

After that is in e-book form, I hope to complete "Memories of an Essence", the true story of my most complicated MPD patient, the one in Yolo county. There are the complete stories of what she put me through and who came out to enlighten me. There the lessons from the spiritual teachers I met are laid out in all the detail I could get.

Now, if you are a Kindle owner, download "Minds In Many Pieces" by Ralph Allison & Ted Schwarz.
Ralph Allison MD

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Since professional journals change ownership, the "Resources" listed on the website is no longer pointing to journals correctly. Here is a master link which might give information on mental health issues:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Passing of "Marie"

This past week, the 60-year-old lady known as Marie McKenize in "Memories of an Essence" died of natural causes in a local hospital. She had been living in a senior residence and apparently became ill there and was taken to a local hospital. She never fully regained consciousness and died. I do not know the cause of death, but it apparently was a medical disorder. Her only son was notified and will be in charge of all arrangements.

I first met Marie when I went to work for the Yolo County Mental Health Services back in 1979. She had only recently signed into the clinic after having been discharged from a Sacramento hospital psychiatric ward to the care of her mother, who managed a motel in Woodland, in nearby Yolo county. The psychiatrist she saw on intake left the agency just before I arrived, and so she was assigned to my caseload. During my second visit with her, an eight-year-old alter-personality came out, a development I did not relish as that time. I had had enough trouble with the controversy I had had with MPD patients during my prior time in Santa Cruz, CA.

During the next three years, I treated her to integration of about 60 alter-personalities, since she was the most complicated MPD patient I had ever seen. I saw her twice a week in the clinic office, usually putting her into hypnosis and age regressing her back to the times when the traumas occurred which caused the creation of each major alter-personality. By the end of that three or so years, she had a beneficial result, with her Original Personality returning from Thoughtspace to her body, and taking into it all of the cleansed alters whom I had dealt with during the hours of therapy. When I left Yolo county to move to San Luis Obispo county, she seemed to be integrated, as far as her alters were concerned. She still had a dissociated Essence, named Becky. In addition, her body could be "borrowed" by her three CIE (Celestial Intelligent Energy), named Faith, Hope and Charity. She had known them during her 30 years in Thoughtspace, as they were her "mothers" to whom she expected to return when she "ceased to exist" in Physicalspace. I have to assume that they are now in charge of her welfare back in Thoughtspace, which she thought of as "home."

It was through Marie's body that Faith, Hope and Charity frequently used to talk to me and teach me much spiritual information, which I have tried to pass on to my students. Yes, I know that Marie could have been trying to con me and mislead me, but my doubts were repeatedly handled by the CIE and I finally came to accept them as they claimed to be, spiritual beings who have most often been called "angels" by theologians.

Becky, her ISH/Essence, told me that her integration with Marie would be the final, spiritual integration needed to complete the total integration process. Becky told me that I would be expected to be present to witness it, as no one had witnessed such an event before. But I never got the invitation to meet with them again. I think I know the reasons.

During the past five years or so, Marie had alienated me and everyone else who was on friendly terms with her. She was insulting to her friends, who eventually could not stand to be around her. One friend even told me recently that she met, in Marie, a childish alter-personality. I suspected that there was at least one left over alter-personality whom I had not dealt with in therapy sessions. I suspected that this alter-personality had been created between the ages of 12 and 14, as this was a time when she was hospitalized in a children's psychiatric ward someplace, while being totally catatonic. I was not allowed, by the CIE or ISH, to know anything about what happened then, since, if Marie knew about it, she would totally freak out and become catatonic and nonfunctional as an adult. But it is reasonable to assume that she created at least one angry alter-personality during this two-year time, which had to come out sometime later. Its time to come out was in the last five years of her life.

Since I had been taught that any nonintegrated MPD patient who died would go through a spontaneous integration of all personalities, I assume that is what happened to Marie this past week in the hospital. She was reported by the nurses to be yelling "help me" while in a semicoma, and she was in bed for several days before she died. Obviously I do not expect to get any report of what was going on in her mind during that time, but my guess is that the final resolutions of her internal conflicts were being handled by her ISH, Becky, and the CIE, Faith, Hope and Charity. Now she has returned to her favorite home, Thoughtspace, where she had already spent 30 years of her lifetime in this incarnation. She now will be prepared for her next incarnation, whatever that might be.

Ralph Allison MD

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jean-Luis Predicts the Future

In several of the past few years, I have visited my Japanese friend, Dr. Norio “Woosie” Sanjoh, an OB/GYN doctor in Shinjo City, in Yamagata Prefecture. He had again invited me to visit during the annual Matsuri Festival. As noted in my manuscript, “Michael, My Essence”, Woosie and I have a long history of being reincarnated together. My Essence, Michael, and his Essence, Jean-Luis, were the best of friends in ancient Rome, in about 100 B.C., when they were both executed for treason in Rome, and buried together. Today, Jean-Luis still talks to Woosie and provides him guidance. I have sometimes been surprised at the remarks Jean-Luis makes when Woosie “talks” to him.

On August 21, 2008, Woosie sent me an e-mail from Japan. I had had to cancel my planned trip to Japan to be with him and his family during the Matsuri Festival because of medical problems. He wrote, “According to weather forecast, it will be rain around Matsuri. We have had 5 days straight rainy days. And more rainy days until next Thursday. Weather CIE is not on our side this year.”

He later reported that it rained continually during the Matsuri Festival week, so it would have be quite a wet week to visit, had I actually gone there.

He also wrote, “Saying about the CIE, I have heard of that aircraft crash in Spain. There were so many deaths due to that. Do they require more lives in Thoughtspace? Recently, Jean-Luis is telling me that several disasters will happen since the CIE decided to do so. So we will have more typhoons here and hard rain and earthquakes. In US, you will have very hard hurricanes attacking mainland. I wonder why they do this and would like to know the reason, to understand. But Jean-Luis doesn’t know that.”

Since that note came, CNN has been busy telling us all the terrible things that have been happening here in the USA. First, there was another hurricane which emptied out New Orleans. Next, a hurricane came on shore at Galveston, Texas, destroying most of the town, and hitting Houston, with massive floods throughout the state and elsewhere. Then a passenger train hit a freight train in Simi Valley, north of L.A. killing many passengers. Then, to top it all off, the US banking system started collapsing last weekend, with the stock market on a roller coaster and our Treasury Secretary trying to figure out how to keep the financial system together. So it seemed to me that Jean-Luis was predicting disasters correctly.

I sent Woosie another question as to why this might be happening, according to Jean-Luis, and on September 19, 2008, he sent me this answer:

“Again, Jean-Luis told me that the next 1-2 years are the years of con men. After ruined mega-banks and security companies, con men will appear to take money and confidentials from people and authority. So the world would enter more chaotic society. Typhoons and hurricanes are only the beginning. Severe winter would affect the East Coast of the US, and dry weather would make more wildfires on the West Coast. Japan will have severe rain and hard blizzards. In the winter, in France, vines are affected and there are no more great wines. In China, there must be heightening of distrust among people and more emotion in the western part and near Tibet. All the people would lose their confidence in things that are trustworthy, so con men are rising. I am afraid if Jean-Luis includes the US president and Japanese Prime Minister in this. [Here in Japan] economy is still going down. Oil is expensive. It affects the price of whole things. Depressed people are coming to my outpatient clinic every day. Police chief told me yesterday that indiscriminate killings are very often these days. So the CIE turned their steering wheel to something awful in this world. They might think that humans should sink until we notice something about the warning from the CIE.”

As to the lack of confidence in China, they are now dealing with contaminated baby food and milk, and thousands of parents are frightened and anxious. We have daily reports of more suicide bombings in several countries as the “War Against Terrorism” keeps going on many fronts.

I have never had much patience with Doomsday Prophets, but the first message from Jean-Luis came before the worst several weeks I can remember in US history, since the Great Depression. I was born in 1931, when the US was still in the Depression, and our bankers know what needs to be done to prevent a repeat of that catastrophe. But the Weather CIE seem to be very busy this season, also, but the human reaction in New Orleans was much better than during Katrina a couple of years ago. So we are learning to work together when we have to. We are also in the middle of a tight-fought Presidential election campaign, where there is much more interest in the result then often exists. Having talked to the CIE (Faith, Hope and Charity) many times, I know they can manipulate all this to happen, in the hope that we human beings will start being cooperative with each other, will look after one another, and will forgo personal greed and ambition for a greater good. The CIE will not give us much choice in these matters.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Review of a New Version of the Movie "Sybil"

This movie review appeared in Newsweek of June 9, 2008. It is about a remake of the movie “Sybil” which is based on the book of the same name. In reading the book carefully, I found no evidence that those “other selves” which the heroine created in her early childhood were alter-personalities. They were most likely IIC (Internalized Imaginary Companions), with some of them being “older” than the patient herself. Therefore I feel she used her “emotional imagination” to create entities who could help her cope with her schizophrenic mother. She had no evidence of a dissociated ISH, either. Therefore I disagree with any diagnosis of DID, or MPD, and I have always been unhappy that she has been considered a prototype of a “multiple” all these years. To have a movie apparently this bad produced about her gives a disservice to all those patients who really do have one of the dissociative disorders.

Ralph Allison, MD

The Return Of 'Sybil'

A new life for a TV movie that already had plenty

By Joshua Alston

Hysteria is a woman's prob­lem," says a brutish male col­league of Dr. Cornelia Wilbur ( Jessica Lange), the psycholo­gist treating the main character in the CBS remake of "Sybil." My hysterical laughter during most of the film is proof that it's a man's problem, too. I'm not an insensitive guy. I recognize the horror in the story of Shirley Ardell Mason, the woman whose personality fractured into 15 parts as a result of merciless childhood sexual abuse (assuming the story is true; both the diagnosis and the abuse are still under debate). But it would be difficult to intentionally match the unintended comic value of the scene in which Sybil (Tammy Blanchard) rebuffs her new beau, Ramon, after slipping into one of her alters, a boy named Sid. "Guys don't sleep with other guys!" says Sid. "Of course not," says Ramon, both writing off the comment as a non sequitur and failing to realize that his girlfriend's voice just dropped an octave. "Sybil" has the infectious scrappiness of a community-theater troupe, one that isn't that great but has enough conviction to make up for its lack of self-awareness.

But this new "Sybil" can't possibly have the same impact as the 1976 original, for which Sally Field won an Emmy, because the made-for-TV movie has a reputation that precedes it. The term "made for TV" has become shorthand for hammy acting and frugal production values, which is why the glossy, competent original TV movies of today are labeled "television events." The made-for-TV movie served a distinct purpose back when entertain­ment choices were few. They provided a way for families to have a night at the movies without the hassle and expense of going to a theater. Later they became top­ical, portraying the hot-button issues of the day, like 1983's hugely watched "The Day After," which depicted the eruption of nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union. Now a movie night at home is as easy as opening the mail­box. And Dick Wolf, between his three "Law & Order" franchises, has the "ripped from today's headlines" market cornered. (This season's premiere of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" featured an appear­ance by Cynthia Nixon as a woman who—get this—fakes having multiple personali­ties.) Still, there's something charming about the made-for-TV movie, something adorable in its earnestness, something hu­morous in its humorlessness. This is why Lifetime and the Hallmark Channel have built brands around them; these movies are the purest form of guilty pleasure. And while I wouldn't watch "Sybil" a second time, it was raucous, nostalgic fun. I could say it's the worst movie I've seen in some time, but I'd prefer to say it's the best at being not good.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Life Plans

One of my patients from my early days of practice was in a crisis mode recently. To find out why, she went into a light trance and asked the question of her Essence. Here is the answer she received:

"You chose for this lifetime the theme of Emotionality, and you chose to be born into a family where this would be virtually unacceptable. You wanted to be challenged although you have fought the challenges all your life. You are very quick to point out when you have been 'hurt' but not so quick to take the responsibility for the many times you hurt others, others who loved you very much.

In order to work with the theme of Emotionality, you had to be born highly sensitive and intuitive, even psychic. You are now asking why you turn anger inward, assuming that someone else caused the anger when all the time you are angry at yourself. Your life is winding down now. It is time to stop this intense quest and just BE.

When you return to the spiritual world, you will understand that there is no good or bad energy -- it is all simply energy. The Creator wanted to know more of Itself and thus exploded outwardly, and each human being is basically on a 'fact finding mission of exploration.' You may decide not to come back to this world, or you might decide to just take a long rest and then come back because there is much of physical life, especially Nature and Relationships, which you will probably wish to experience again. There is nothing to fear, there is no separation, you are never alone -- whether here or there. Be gentle with yourself now."