Monday, February 20, 2012

Memories of an Essence Is In Ebook Format

"Memories of an Essence: How Humans and Spiritual Beings Put 70 Personalities Back Together Again" is now available on in ebook format, for Kindle ereaders, the iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, PC, Mac, and Blackberry and Android smartphones.

This is the true life story of the woman with the most complicated case of MPD/DID I ever saw and treated. Treatment started at age 28, lasted formally for 3.5 years, and I followed her until her death at age 60. She helped me write her story, and her Essence, named Becky, was my most important informant. Therefore the title is "Memories of an Essence."

Becky also introduced me to her supervisors, angels named Faith, Hope & Charity. They asked that I call the Celestial Intelligent Energy or CIE, They provided their job descriptions in the last chapter of the book. The book can be reached at

In 2011, I published an ebook version on of "Michael, My Essence: The Origin, Nature, Talents, and Supervisors of One Human's Soul". This tells the lessons I learned from the CIE, who borrowed the bodies of two MPD patients of mine talk to me about what they did here and in Thoughtspace, my name for their universe. When you have finished reading "Minds In Many Pieces", and "Memories of an Essence" read "Michael, My Essence". That will complete your education in this area.