Monday, May 28, 2007

Invitation to be on TV

Yesterday I received an invitation to come to NY and be on an educational/entertainment program, live, to talk about MPD/DID. Since this is all under negotiations, I will not identify the show or producer. But why did she contact me and offer to put on a positive view of the subject? She wrote that she "accidentally" came across my website when researching a completely different subject.

After being in this business for a while, I don't believe in accidents anymore. I think Charity steered her to my site, which is something Charity encouraged me to set up. She also steered me to my webmaster, Ernie Hull, who is enthusiastic about the material I have here, so he has been a friend as well as a great webmaster.

Now, who is Charity? If you have read much of what is on this website, you will know that she identified herself as a spirit who comes from another universe, which I call Thoughtspace, and she is a supervisor of us humans, through our Essences. (That is her preferred word for soul or spirit.) She communicated through the body of one of my MPD patients in Santa Cruz, CA, first, then through the body of another MPD patient when I moved to Davis, CA. In 1980, Charity asked me if I would be willing to enter into a contract with her. She wanted me to tell everyone that they had an Essence, and that they should listen to it. That was all. In return, she would teach me whatever I wanted to know about her and her fellow spirits, and how they operated here and in Thoughtspace. (I call "here" Physicalspace.)

I agreed at the time, and she kept her bargain, giving me many lectures, then experiences, then referrals to books she approved of. But I have been having a hard time keeping my end of the bargain. This website is the best I can do, but I have also had the chance to speak of this material in other countries, such as Japan, Mexico, Germany, Italy and England. But getting good exposure of what seems obvious and simple to me is hard, when the material is "spiritual" and I am supposed to be a member of a "scientific" profession -- Medicine & Psychiatry. They don't like to have papers on spirits I can tell you, so it gets hard to be heard on this subject.

That is where Charity has to help me, by steering others, like this interested producer, to my site, and then to me. I do have some ideas on how best to present the material, but she knows what makes good TV. And "talking heads" is not the best idea in TV, you know. We shall see.

Another example of Charity's endeavors in this area happened when my partner, June, and I went to LA for the last ISSD convention. While there she had to visit her favorite cousin, Roger, who is in a health care facility. The day we visited was his 80th birthday, and many of his relatives had decided to come and celebrate with him, in the upstairs socializing area. June and I got there in the afternoon, after the birthday cake had been eaten, but most of her relatives were still there. Since it was late, they were drifting off to drive home, and only a few were left when she brought over to meet me one of the younger cousins. She had felt a strong urge (thank you, Charity!) to introduce him to me, and I found out he is a movie script writer by profession. He gets ideas which he then puts into 30 page proposals which go to the producers he deals with.
Naturally, I was thrilled by the idea that my stuff might be somehow in a movie, and I told him briefly what I had been into. He told me that he wanted to do something new, and MPD had been done with Sybil already, years ago. So, when I got home, I sent him a review of what I had been up to professionally, and he is now researching my stuff, to see if he can make a proposal that will interest those in positions of power in the movie business. Here again, I could not have done this by myself, as I did not know him, and he had to decide to come to LA county to visit his cousin for his birthday, and he lives in the state of Washington. That is a long way to go, but that is the way Charity gets us together.

So, if you are reading this because you somehow ran across my website, sign in and let me know how it happened. I have heard some interesting stories in this vein.
Ralph Allison